Jesus, my love, how my heart longs for you
morning and evening and all the day through.
Stirrings so gentle yet lasting and true,
glimpse of Your love ever new.
Ah! All my longing is for me to be
living and moving and being in You.
Through You and with You and in You alone,
fullness of life here below.

Oh God so near and yet so far away
drawing me into Your own life each day;
Openess radiance of splendour Divine,
grace of Your Presence within.
Glimmer of plenitude life lived in love
when only You I believe, I adore,
prostrate before You surrender my life
yours, yours alone each new day.
Oh! when the day dawns to meet face to face,
Lord let Your gaze be of mercy and grace.
Words of salvation, delight and embrace,
enter to Life and to Love.
Joyously sing with the heavenly throng,
honour and glory and thanks evermore.
Beauty and splendour and brilliance of light.
Eternal blessing in love,
Eternal blessing in love.

Music by: Franz Lehar
Lyrics: Carmel Seremban
Accompanist: Miss Christine Tee
Recording Artist: Miss Christine Tee
Soloist:  Carmel Seremban

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