Your Word is as a Lamp

Lyrics: Carmel - Quidenham
Music: Carmel of Jesus, Mary & Joseph, Seremban, West Malaysia.

St. Teresa of Avila: Teresa de Ahumada was born in 1515 in Avila, spain. When she was 20, she joined the Carmelite Monastry of the Incarnation where the Mitigated Rule was observed. She had a warm, attractive and vivacious personality which attracted many visitors to the Monastery.

After her ‘second conversion’ at the age of 39, Jesus became her “all”. The “Good Jesus” became her only guide, her sole companion and the source of all Truth. She felt the need of an environment where she could live a life of greater and deeper intimacy with Jesus for His Church. At His urging she founded the Monastery of St. Joseph where the Primitive Rule was observed. Subsequently she founded 16 more such monasteries before her death in 1582.

St. Teresa’s major writings are spiritual classics and she was declared the first woman Doctor of the Church in 1970.

Your Word is as a lamp
To light my feet along life’s way
A light no gloom or darkness can defeat,
But makes night day.
Oh Mother make our hearts 
Aflame with yours,
Our spirits high,
Our faith a flame that soars.

Yours was a love that did not count
The cost nor seek reward.
That held all earthly fame and joy well lost
For Christ our Lord.
A burning zeal to quench that thirsting cry from Calvary’s height.
With Christ for souls to die

Teach us to die that only Christ 
May live and reign alone.
Our hearts and minds our very selves to give,
To be His own.
The frail vase of our lives O may we break over our God.
All reckless for His sake. 

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