Pictorial of St. Teresa of Avila

In 1535, at the age of twenty, Dona Teresa de Ahumada y Chepeda entered the Carmelite Convent of the Incarnation and in doing so changed women’s religious life in the Western tradition forever and brought to a greater consciousness among Christians the common Christian call to contemplative prayer.

At the time when Dona Teresa took the veil at the Incarnation, known now as Sr. Teresa of Jesus, Europe was torn apart with civil and religious strife. Christians fiercely opposed each others interpretation of the Christian Faith as written in the Gospels. Christianity had never faced such a crisis before with the exception of the split between the East and the West. The Catholic Church was losing whole countries that were most devoted to the bark of Peter.

Teresa of Jesus, also known as Teresa of Avila, did what generations of Carmelites were unable to do. She was able to take the pulse of the crisis and initiate a reform which brought about a restoration of the primacy of contemplative prayer….prayer that changes the heart into a loving heart – love of God and neighbour. Teresa of Jesus, an uneducated woman, gave the Order and the Church the challenge to pray contemplatively…to journey deep within the heart to where Christ and the Triune God abide.

St. Teresa of Avila – A Journey of Love”……a compelling story of struggle, growth and transformation in pictorial form.


This pictorial was released on the 15th Oct 2015. For enquiry, please write to enquiry [at] carmelite-seremban.org

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